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About Hospitality Solution Guide

The “Hospitality Solution Guide” concept has been based on free circulation allowing it to reach a greater audience of estimated 30,000 professionals with a pan-India presence. It provides a guidance tour of number of products that are available in the market through the sourcing companies that bring on the products to hospitality. It is a comprehensive list of various companies in major segments which are:


• F&B Services

• Food Service Equipment

• Supplies & Services

• Cleaning industry

• Interior Designers & Architects

• Service Engineers

• Consultants & Contactors


In 2011, we are now adding more value to this guide by bringing quality informative articles that will ensure that you know what is happening in the trade. It is an annual publication and therefore, becomes a reference point for an entire year. We are trying to bring convenience to your doorstep. Even more interesting aspect of this annual guide is that it is distributed free of cost to all concerned and whosoever in hospitality industry desires for it gets it absolutely free!! So, ASK FOR YOUR FREE COPY today!!


So, if you are a hospitality company or professional, ensure that you always keep us updated about your recent contact in full and we could include you in the free listing category in our annual guide. Book your presence in different forms with Hospitality Solution Guide now!!

Our Market Reach

  • Hotel – all categories
  • Restaurant Chains and standalone ones
  • Hospitality Consultant Firms
  • Malls
  • Retail Stores
  • Flight caterers
  • Industrial canteens
  • Messes
  • Hospitals
  • Railways
  • Outdoor Caterers

    REACH… where you must

  • Directors of company
  • CEOs and CFOs
  • Project Leaders
  • Procurement managers
  • F&B/Restaurant/Banquet Managers
  • Executive Housekeepers/Laundry Managers
  • Executive Chefs


    The growing hospitality service sector over the years has developed a certain reputation of sorts. This is directly reflecting the changing business dynamics where small players are emerging in a manner like never before which earlier used to remain hidden behind big brands. Now, domestic manufacturers of food service equipment are growing like never before and trying to draw a segment where international companies shall not come, as they are busy building their own fort in the high end market through importers, joint venture and self representation. Visibility is everything and RCM stands to offer that visibility for you in this big hospitality space.




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